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4 Corporate Plant Gifts You Can Bring For Corporate Events

4 Corporate Plant Gifts You Can Bring For Corporate Events

4 Corporate Plant Gifts You Can Bring For Corporate Events

What are the best corporate plant gifts to bring for corporate events?

  1. Bambino
  2. Aglaonema Romeo
  3. Rosemary
  4. Rose Cabbage

Plants are one of the most precious gifts you could give to someone that will last longer. As an employer, giving personalized or customized gifts helps improve the relationship you have with those attending your corporate event. 

Corporate gifts are key not only for lightening their mood — but also adding more value to your words of appreciation for their efforts. 

Plant gifts are meaningful, long-lasting, worthy, keep growing, and can be bought at an affordable price. Give your employees and clients an impactful token by choosing plant gifts for your company’s event. Keep scrolling to find some of the best corporate plant gifts from Unbeleafable PH!

With so many corporate gift choices, why choose plants?

With tons of lists of corporate gift choices that you can search online, why are plants the top gift for businesses? Here’s why!

Plants are made to last

Plants are growing, living things, which means they provide lasting beauty for years to come. If there is one thing plants have that other gift choices don’t, it’s that plants have no expiration date and only get better with time.

Plants are inclusive

There’s a plant out there for everyone! Here at Unbeleafable PH, we have easy-to-care plants, low-light options, and even pet-friendly choices to make sure you can find the best corporate plant gifts.

Plants bring happiness

No doubt there’s a proud moment for us when we can take care of our plants until they grow healthy and strong! Plus, adding some greenery indoors is known to calm our senses, while creating a more serene environment. Plants are known to reduce stress. 

So, if you’re looking for a gift to bring to your corporate events for your employees or clients, don’t hesitate to purchase plants here!

Now, let’s take a look at some of our bestselling corporate plant gifts: 


Price: ₱599.00

The Bambino is a small air purifying plant that’s perfect for one’s home office or tabletop decor. This compact plant slowly grows up to 1 meter, and its leaves grow vertically, which makes it easy for your recipient to add it to their desks, shelves, windowsills, and any other space in their office or home. 

This plant can tolerate low light (but also loves bright indirect light), so you can keep them by a window or even in shaded corners. They’re also easy to take care of and only need water once a week. This is a great corporate gift for employees or clients who aren’t familiar with plants or lead a busy lifestyle. 

Purchase bulk orders of your Bambino gifts now from Unbeleafable!

Aglaonema Romeo

Price: ₱199.00 – ₱699.00

With its dark green leaves boasting splashes of lighter green hues in the middle, Aglaonema Romeo is one of our bestselling corporate plant gifts that grow fast, as long as it is placed in a bright shaded environment. 

You can water this versatile plant once a week, or when you see that its soil has started to dry out. However, this plant prefers to be underwatered rather than overwatered.

This is the best gift for your employees or clients who want to become a plantita or plantito. So, don’t wait and add Aglaonema Romeo to your cart now!


Price: ₱199.00

Rosemary plants are a great gift idea for clients who love to cook — or need a pet-friendly plant! Used commonly to flavor dishes, the sprigs from a rosemary plant also have tons of health benefits! Rosemary can also aid digestion, promote brain health, and can be anti-cancer!

They are best displayed near a window because they love warm environments and bright, indirect sunlight. This is also a good choice for recipients who are plant beginners! Bring this plant to your corporate event as a gift!

Rose Cabbage

Price: ₱179.00

For your employees or clients who love succulent plants, bringing Rose Cabbage plants as corporate plant gifts will surely delight them! It has a rose-like pattern, with thick, waxy, and fleshy leaves. Its leaves are a light green, sprinkled with a slight pink outline around its edges. When this plant starts to mature, it forms a beautiful rosette. 

Best in bright indirect sunlight and can tolerate full sun, it can be somewhat challenging to take care of this plant. However, the key here is to keep watering it every 7-10 days, especially when the soil is almost dry out. 

This plant is non-toxic and also pet-friendly!

Key Takeaway

Plants do not only bring positivity to the environment but also to the people who grow them. So, what better way to build professional relationships, and express our appreciation or gratitude, than giving corporate plant gifts to our employees or clients? 

Looking for the best corporate plant gifts in Manila? Check out our shop now and don’t hesitate to message us here! Our team can help you pick out the best gifts for your event — and even offer reliable delivery services to make sure they arrive safe and on time!

4 Corporate Plant Gifts You Can Bring For Corporate Events
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