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Plants are some of the best decorations you can add in offices, stores, restaurants, hotels, public places, corporate events, and more. Not only are they attractive and versatile, but they also provide other benefits — such as purifying your indoor air!

However, some are a bit apprehensive about purchasing plants because it needs maintenance, but the good news is you can always opt for a short-term plant rental service from Unbeleafable to make your establishment or event look naturally beautiful!

Price Starts at ₱ 40 / POT

Pricing Guide

Plant Rental comes with weekly plant maintenance and warranty.



5 Tall Indoor Plants

5 Medium Indoor Plants

10 Table Top Plants

Total: 20 Pots

P12,000 per month

6 Months Plant Rental

P11,000 per month

12 Months Plant Rental


One Time Payment

Small Corp

Small Corp

10 Tall Indoor Plants

10 Medium Indoor Plants

20 Table Top Plants

Total: 40 Pots

P25,000 per month

6 Months Plant Rental

P23,000 per month

12 Months Plant Rental


One Time Payment

Medium Corp

Medium Corp

20 Tall Indoor Plants

20 Medium Indoor Plants

30 Table Top Plants

Total: 70 Pots

P50,000 per month

6 Months Plant Rental

P45,000 per month

12 Months Plant Rental


One Time Payment

Large Corp

Large Corp

30 Tall Indoor Plants

30 Medium Indoor Plants

40 Table Top Plants

Total: 100 Pots

P75,000 per month

6 Months Plant Rental

P70,000 per month

12 Months Plant Rental


One Time Payment

Note: "Prices may vary based on your plant selections"

What is a Plant Rental Service?

What is a Plant Rental Service?

Whatever type of business or event you may have, you may have a design in mind that includes plants. But, whether you feel like these needs will change soon, or you would rather have some flexibility with the plants you use, then a plant rental service is a great choice for you!

This service allows you to pick out which plants you would like for your event or establishment, and you’ll be able to use them for however long you wish. These plants can then be returned to us once you’re done with them, or exchanged with different plants if you need to switch things up. This way, you can avoid the long-term commitment of buying your own plants!

What are the Advantages of Renting Plants for Office and Corporate Events?

What is a Plant Rental Service?

If you want plants, but are apprehensive about having them permanently, then our service is a great alternative — it provides the following advantages for your offices, buildings, and events:

Say Hi to a Fresher Environment

If you’ve had enough of purchasing plants and replacing them after, the best solution is to rent plants so you’ll have the freedom to choose different plants that you want in your establishment or for an event. Plus, renting plants ensures you a fresher, greener, and healthier environment that will brighten up your employees’ and customers’ day!

Get Plants Suited To Your Office And Event Conditions

We know that every establishment is not the same therefore they have different limitations. Some believe that a beautiful plant looks pretty in their establishment or for their event, but the truth is there’s more to plant selection than that idea.

Here at Unbeleafable, we consider the space of your location, its structure, type, and so on to make sure that we can offer you the best plant rental suitable to the conditions of your establishment or event location.

Better Event Management

Do you have a corporate event coming up? Then there must be a lot to plan from the client list, activities, and more. Plus, decorating the event location can be quite hard, but don’t worry because Unbeleafable can help you with our plant rental services to keep your stress at bay!

Renting plants for your event doesn’t just elevate the look of the place — it also helps boost brand image, improve the event experience, and even create a lasting impression on event-goers.

Leave Maintenance To The Experts

You don’t have to worry about taking care of plants because our service offers short-term agreements as our Unbeleafable team takes care of them too. So, there’s no need to scratch your head and think properly about taking care of the plants in your establishment or before the event takes place because Unbeleafable makes sure the rented plants are in good shape.

Why Choose Unbeleafable for Your Plant Rental Needs?

Why Choose Unbeleafable for Your Plant Rental Needs?

Whether you’re looking for short-term decorations or want to keep things fresh for your establishment or event, you can trust that the Unbeleafable team has the professional experience to give you the best plant rental service you’re looking for.

Lets You Connect With Nature

At Unbeleafable, we are committed to changing the way you see nature by bringing you closer to our plants through our plant rental service. Our mission is to bring a pot of nature into every establishment — which is why we do what we do. Plus, we are committed to providing only the healthiest, greenest plants to each of our clients, as well as using sustainable practices for our services.

Creates A Paradise Of Plants

Designed with tenderness, love, care, and passion, our Unbeleafable team can make your establishment or event a paradise of plants that will attract your customers. In addition, our expert team selects the right pieces of fresh plants to restyle offices, stores, hotels, restaurants, events spaces, and so on.

Professional Plant Rental Experts

We have professional plant rental experts to help you with any concern or inquiry you have. and, whatever your needs or requests are, they’ll be able to fulfill them! Our team is key to why we provide the best rental plants and designs that work best for your establishment or event.

Affordable Plant Rental

Here at Unbeleafable, we offer affordable plant rental that starts at PHP 40.00 per pot! We guarantee you that all our fresh, vibrant, and beautiful rental plants are well taken care of by our team.

Personally Delivered

Unbeleafable has a logistics team who handles the transportation of your rental plants. Therefore, all the plants are safely delivered straight to your establishment or event location.

Work with the Best Plant Rental Service in the Philippines - Unbeleafable!

Opting for plant rental solutions is the most effective and stress-free way to improve your establishment space and brighten up your event location!

If you’re ready to say yes to the best plant rental service in the Philippines, you can contact Unbeleafable and we’ll gladly provide you with our wide selection of foliage options that suit your establishment space or corporate event.

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