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Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance | Unbeleafable

Having indoor plants for your business offers tons of benefits to your entire establishment, employees, and customers. However, it’s not easy to maintain and take care of the plants as it requires adept skills and expertise. Luckily, there are plant maintenance services available in the Philippines to water, feed, prune, and clean your plants monthly.

Here at Unbeleafable, we are committed to paying meticulous attention to every detail of your plants with our plant maintenance services to ensure that they all look healthy, fresh, and vibrant all day, every day!

Price Starts at ₱ 7,000

Pricing Guide

Plant Rental comes with weekly plant maintenance and warranty.



5 Tall Indoor Plants

5 Medium Indoor Plants

10 Table Top Plants

Total: 20 Pots

P12,000 per month

6 Months Plant Rental

P11,000 per month

12 Months Plant Rental


One Time Payment

Small Corp

Small Corp

10 Tall Indoor Plants

10 Medium Indoor Plants

20 Table Top Plants

Total: 40 Pots

P25,000 per month

6 Months Plant Rental

P23,000 per month

12 Months Plant Rental


One Time Payment

Medium Corp

Medium Corp

20 Tall Indoor Plants

20 Medium Indoor Plants

30 Table Top Plants

Total: 70 Pots

P50,000 per month

6 Months Plant Rental

P45,000 per month

12 Months Plant Rental


One Time Payment

Large Corp

Large Corp

30 Tall Indoor Plants

30 Medium Indoor Plants

40 Table Top Plants

Total: 100 Pots

P75,000 per month

6 Months Plant Rental

P70,000 per month

12 Months Plant Rental


One Time Payment

Note: "Prices may vary based on your plant selections"

What is Plant Maintenance?

What is Plant Maintenance?

Do you have indoor plants in your establishment that need to be taken care of? Worry no more because Unbeleafable is here to offer you our professional plant maintenance services. We have an expert team that is familiar with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants, and how to keep them in their best condition through proper watering, cleaning, pruning, and repotting!

It helps to keep your plants in your establishment, which in return provides you with tons of benefits that your employees and customers will enjoy.

Unbeleafable’s plant maintenance services include watering adjustment and fertilization, foliage dusting and cleaning, potting soil amendment and repotting, pruning, rotation for even growth, and inspection. Our monthly services are suitable for different establishments such as offices, hotels, stores, public places, restaurants, and so on.

What’s the Importance of Maintaining the Plants in Your Business?

What’s the Importance of Maintaining the Plants in Your Business?

From cleaning the air to enhancing the look and feel of your space, adding plants to your decor is helpful for any business.

That said, you can only see and feel these benefits if your plants are in good condition. This is why plant maintenance services are important. With this, you bring aboard an expert plant team to make sure that each pot of nature is grown with tenderness, love, and care. It's a great investment for your business — especially when you consider how plants can give back so much more.

Boosts Employees’ Productivity

Maintaining your plants in your establishment helps to boost your employees’ productivity by as much as 6%. Therefore, adding and maintaining indoor plants offers a good impact on your employees as they can perform quicker and better when there are healthy green plants around them.

Creates a Pleasant Workspace for your Employees

It’s good to invest in monthly plant maintenance services from Unbeleafable to create a feel-good workspace for your employees that they need to focus more on their tasks. It’s proven that it can help revive a work environment and even public places to connect more to nature.

Our team knows how to integrate our services by being aware of the current trends on how to take care of plants — and this helps your business to create a calm, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable environment for your hard-working employees.

Helps to Reduce Noise

If your building or surrounding area gets a little bit too noisy, then plants can help as a natural sound dampener. Lush, healthy foliage can absorb sound, making them a good choice if you want to keep the noise levels low in your building.

Naturally Cleans the Air

As you clean your plants in your establishment through plant maintenance services, your plants also give back to you by cleaning the air naturally. They absorb carbon dioxide that humans don’t need. Plants are also great at removing chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, and so on to make it cleaner for humans to breathe. Therefore, maintaining your plants’ condition is a win-win decision!

Reduces Absence Rates

Experts say that maintaining your plants in public places and establishments helps to lessen the danger of sick building syndrome and other illnesses such as fatigue, concentration problems, irritation of the nose, dry skin, and so on.

So, having a monthly plant maintenance service essentially hits two birds with one stone — keeping both your plants and your employees happy and healthy!

Why Choose Unbeleafable for Plant Maintenance for Your Business?

Why Choose Unbeleafable for Plant Maintenance for Your Business?

Caring for indoor plants is challenging since they have different conditions to keep them fresh and healthy. Not to mention that they have different needs for sunlight and water. Here at Unbeleafable, we can make it easier for you with our plant maintenance services.

Affordable Plant Maintenance Services

Unbeleafable’s monthly plant maintenance and insurance fee start at P7,000 without hidden charges. This is affordable, unlike other companies which offer expensive services. When you partner with us, you are guaranteed that your establishment looks healthy, fresh, vibrant, and immaculately beautiful with indoor plants which are beneficial to your employees and your business.

Live Customer Chat

If you decide to reach us for our monthly plant maintenance services, plant recommendations, or delivery update, you can reach our digital consultant team! They’re always online from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.daily.

Multiple Secure Payments

With Unbeleafable’s multiple secure payments, you can experience a hassle-free transaction from us! We accept Gcash, GrabPay, Visa, Mastercard, and direct online transfers for smoother transactions.

Excellent Customer Service

Unbeleafable always believes that firm impressions last. Therefore, we want your first impression of our plant maintenance services to be the most positive and joyful experience possible by providing you with excellent customer service to meet your expectations.

Get a Quote Today and Experience the Best Plant Maintenance for Your Business from Unbeleafable!

Ongoing care of indoor plants in an establishment isn’t easy, but not for the expert team of Unbeleafable. We can maintain your plants’ health with our professional plant maintenance services while your employees and customers can enjoy the warmth and beauty of your greenery establishment!

If you are looking for a reputable company for plant maintenance services that suits your plants’ needs, you can contact Unbeleafable today and we will promptly get back to you to answer your inquiries!

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