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Aglaonema Bundle


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Aglaonema Katrina

₱599.00- ₱1199.00


aglaonema romeo for sale in manila
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Aglaonema Romeo

₱179.00- ₱479.00


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Aglaonema Snow White

₱299.00- ₱899.00


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Alocasia Bambino


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Alocasia Cucullata

₱199.00- ₱599.00


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Alocasia Cuprea


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Alocasia Sanderiana

₱199.00- ₱799.00


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Alocasia Silver Dragon Scale


aloe vera for sale in manila
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Aloe Vera

₱179.00- ₱599.00


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Anthurium Crystallinum


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Anthurium Laceleaf


arrowhead syngonium
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Arrowhead Syngonium

₱179.00- ₱699.00


asparagus fern
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Asparagus Fern


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B1T1 Anthurium Laceleaf


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B1T1 Caladium Humboldtii



Plants For Sale in the Philippines at Unbeleafable PH

If you want to be a plant parent, then you’re probably looking for plants for sale in the Philippines. Taking care of plants means you need to give them some of your time and effort. But don’t worry, it’s all worth it!

As the leading plant supplier in the Philippines, Unbeleafable PH aims to give every home a piece of nature. We provide plants for aspiring plant parents that want to adopt a plant in their lives.

Our Plants for Sale

For plants for sale in the Philippines, our selection has the most beautiful and beneficial indoor plants you can find. Check them out!


Table Top

Indoor plants are great additions to your interior decoration. These plants are ideal companions on a desk or a table. Beautify your tabletops and other surfaces with plants like Money Tree and Heartleaf Philodendron!

Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants

Are the walls in your house starting to get boring? Add a splash of nature to it with our hanging plants! A Turtle Vine here or an Asparagus Fern there will make your indoor space more refreshing!


Flowering Plants

There are times when our houses or even gardens start to feel monotonous or too familiar. Blooming flowering houseplants liven up any environment they’re in! Make your indoors colorful with beautiful flowering plants like the Anthurium!

agave palm tree plant


Plants for sale in the Philippines aren’t just limited to decorative plants. We have herb plants for sale here like Peppermint and Citronella!


Aesthetic Indoor Plants

Some plants have a great ability to enhance the space they’re in, and our aesthetic indoor plants in the Philippines are great examples! The presence of a Rubber Tree or a Snake Plant Trifasciata will surely enrich the aesthetics of your room!


Fruit Bearing

If you want to grow plants that bear fruit, then we got your back! We also have fruit-bearing plants like the Calamansi Tree in our products.

Why Buy Indoor Plants

What do the best interior designs have in common? They have indoor plants! Aside from looking good, these plants enhance the space in more ways than one.

Looks Good Indoors

Looks Good Indoors

A small plant on the windowsill or a large potted plant in a blank corner of the room looks better than having them bare.

Easy To Care For

Compared to more complicated outdoor plants, indoor plants are easier to care for. They don’t need as much sunlight, and they can survive better with less supervision and the proper growth conditions.

Easy to Care For
Cleans Air

Cleans Air

Plants can clean air by increasing humidity, producing oxygen, and absorbing toxins in the air. That’s why some plants are called air purifiers! Keep an eye out for them when looking for plants for sale in the Philippines.

Makes People Happy

It's been proven by plant owners everywhere: plants make people happy! Having indoor plants will boost your mental state like your mood, productivity, concentration, and even creativity!

Make People Happy

Explore our Shop and Order Plants For Sale in the Philippines from Unbeleafable PH Today!

Unbeleafable PH is a brand that aims to bring a piece of nature into every home. We do this by providing hassle-free online shopping, safe delivery options, and premium customer service. With a wide variety of herb plants for sale, you will surely find what you’re looking for here on our website. If you’re interested, we also have a physical store in SM by the Bay, MOA!

About Us

Unbeleafable is one of the rising indoor plant shops in the Philippines. We focus mainly on indoor plants from table tops to hanging plants to big air purifying plants— and to many more.


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