Best Table Top Indoor Plants in the Philippines

Best Table Top Indoor Plants in the Philippines

With the sudden pause on our usual routine brought about by the pandemic, we were all forced to stay at home and spend most of our time infront of our computers. After a good year of adjusting from this new normal we all decided to upgrade our home offices and work desks. And I know […]

Cooling Plants That Can Help Cool Your Homes This Summer

(c) House Beautiful Being in a tropical country, we can’t help but feel like it’s summer all year round. But did you know that indoor plants can actually help in lowering the temperature inside your homes? Instead of turning on your ACs, you can switch to a more environmentally-friendly alternative which is plants! With this, […]

Pet friendly plants

Pet-Friendly Plants

(c) mygardenlife Are you a plant parent and a pet parent at the same time? Are you scared of your little fur babies chewing on your beloved greens? No need to worry because Unbeleafable has your back! You can have the best of both worlds with our Plantuta Package consisting of 7 indoor and outdoor […]

Pothos Collection

7 Types of Pothos for Sale in Manila

Pothos are great beginner-friendly plants for their low maintenance care. They can survive in areas with low light conditions to bright indirect sunlight. While watering can take place once a week! Their vining or trailing nature allows them to be placed in either an ordinary pot or a hanging pot for that waterfall effect with […]

Aquascaping Plants

Aquascaping Plants

In the Philippines, aquascaping isn’t really something that plant lovers would actually deal with. Aside from this hobby being high maintenance and requires so much time and effort to put together, the prices are a bit more expensive than the usual plants we can buy to decorate our homes. Still, this serves an interest to […]

Herbs That Can Repel Mosquitoes

Herbs That Can Repel Mosquitoes

Now that the rainy season is back, this is also the time where mosquitoes start to thrive. Aside from using mosquito repellents that we can buy from groceries, one thing that is budget-friendly and available at home are mosquito repellent herbs. Citronellas are the most popular mosquito repellent herb because of its insect repelling properties. […]

7 Lucky Plants for 2021

Not many of us are superstitious people, but many of us do get into the whole theme of starting anew when it comes to welcoming the new year. And when it comes to something new, we tend to rely on fortune and good luck to welcome another blessed year! This upcoming year, why not bring […]

Essential Benefits of Herbs in Manila

(Second row, from left to right) Sweet Basil, Tarragon, Lemon Balm(First row, from left to right) Thai Basil, French Lavender, English Lavender Here are the best herbs for sale in Manila! Take your plant parenthood to the next step by taking care of these herbs with the added health benefit they can provide! Reciprocate your […]

plants in office

Your New Favorite Plant Supplier Manila: Unbeleafable PH

Unbeleafable PH is your next favorite plant supplier in Manila, as we can provide you beautiful plants for your office, hotel, restaurant, or any place you’d like! Here in Unbeleafable PH, our products could be fit for your preferred plants interior design. Because, part of our goal as your next favorite plant supplier in Manila […]

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