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Vertical Wall Garden

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In many urban areas, many people stroll past walls filled with hanging plants. These are called vertical wall gardens, vertically suspended panels composed of plants grown using hydroponics. They help add green spaces to highly urbanized areas for many to find comfort in.

This kind of garden can be applied to many spaces from offices, transportation terminals, and even hotels. There are many possibilities and places for you to cultivate your wall garden.

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How Does a Vertical Wall Garden Save Space?

Not all buildings and spaces have the wide amount of space necessary for landscaping and gardening. Most have limited outdoor space for a garden alone. So, many choose to not include this in their design since pots and plants can take up a lot of valuable floor space.

A vertical wall garden helps you maximize the floor space while getting all the benefits of a garden. Since this type of garden has suspended plants, the floor space is cleared, giving interior designers all the floor space needed. There’s no need to worry about pots and plants getting in the way.

What is It Like to Have a “Living Wall”?

What is It Like to Have a “Living Wall”?

A vertical wall garden allows many industries to let nature into their space. However, it still requires proper care and maintenance. Even for a living wall, it’s important that the plants still receive the correct amount of water and sunlight. This way, people will be able to reap its numerous benefits.

Installing Different Watering Systems

A plant needs sunlight and water. Even when There are different kinds of water systems that can be used to maintain a vertical wall garden.

For those who have people to care for the plant daily, all you’ll need is a long-spout watering can. Depending on the plants, gardeners just need to follow their usual watering schedule. However, different kinds of water systems can also be installed.

Indoor gardens are usually set up with a reservoir-based system, while outdoor gardens are simply attached to the main water source. From there, a drip irrigation system is put up to ensure all plants get the water they need.

Regulates The Temperature

Having a vertical garden indoors helps regulate the air temperature by breaking vertical airflow. This helps slow and cool down the airflow indoors.

On the other hand, vertical wall gardens installed outside also help many spaces especially if installed in verandahs, patios, and parks. The plants act as the building’s natural insulation by absorbing the heat waves coming from the sun.

Reduces Stress

Having a green space in different environments also have lasting impacts on a person’s well-being, proving they are more than just decorative features.

Whether plants are potted, hung, or suspended, they help calm and relax those nearby. By promoting better air quality, plants on a vertical wall garden can help ease your levels of anxiety and reduce your stress levels.

Purifies Air

The process of photosynthesis allows plants to purify the air surrounding them. In this process, plants produce oxygen by taking in carbon dioxide. This chemical exchange reduces the toxins present, making the air cleaner and better for everyone.

How Do Vertical Wall Gardens Add to Your Interior Design?

How Do Vertical Wall Gardens Add to Your Interior Design?

Whether it be placed indoors or outdoors, a vertical wall garden creates a unique structure that can transform a space entirely. They make plain walls stand out more by just adding bits of nature.

Brings Nature To Your Workspace

Busy office spaces, malls, and even hotels can use a pop of nature. A vertical wall garden allows these different industries to incorporate plants into their interior design seamlessly. With a few different types of herbs and shrubs, different designs can easily be formed. The wall can display different logos, patterns, and simple images using different shades of green plants.

Reduces Noise Levels

In different indoor spaces, noise levels must be reduced especially in working areas. Installing plants on your wall helps create a sound barrier in various parts of your buildings since they can absorb more sound than regular walls.

Adds Property Value

For future employees and investors, the interior design you choose to display is more than just aesthetics. It acts as an extension of your brand and who you are as a company. It shows them what you value.

Adding a green wall shows those around the building that you value environmental and sustainable efforts. By promoting these goals through your interior design, the property’s value increases.

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