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Plant Maintenance | Unbeleafable

Do you have indoor plants in your establishment that need to be taken care of? Worry no more because Unbeleafable is here to offer you our professional plant maintenance services. We have an expert team that is familiar with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants, and how to keep them in their best condition through proper watering, cleaning, pruning, and repotting!

It helps to keep your plants in your establishment, which in return provides you with tons of benefits that your employees and customers will enjoy.

Unbeleafable’s plant maintenance services include watering adjustment and fertilization, foliage dusting and cleaning, potting soil amendment and repotting, pruning, rotation for even growth, and inspection. Our monthly services are suitable for different establishments such as offices, hotels, stores, public places, restaurants, and so on.

Bulk Orders and Plant Styling

Plant Rental | Unbeleafable

Whatever type of business or event you may have, you may have a design in mind that includes plants. But, whether you feel like these needs will change soon, or you would rather have some flexibility with the plants you use, then a plant rental service is a great choice for you!

This service allows you to pick out which plants you would like for your event or establishment, and you’ll be able to use them for however long you wish. These plants can then be returned to us once you’re done with them, or exchanged with different plants if you need to switch things up. This way, you can avoid the long-term commitment of buying your own plants!

Best Vertical Wall Gardens | Unbeleafable

Not all buildings and spaces have the wide amount of space necessary for landscaping and gardening. Most have limited outdoor space for a garden alone. So, many choose to not include this in their design since pots and plants can take up a lot of valuable floor space.

A vertical wall garden helps you maximize the floor space while getting all the benefits of a garden. Since this type of garden has suspended plants, the floor space is cleared, giving interior designers all the floor space needed. There’s no need to worry about pots and plants getting in the way.

Plant Maintenance
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Unbeleafable is one of the rising indoor plant shops in the Philippines. We focus mainly on indoor plants from table tops to hanging plants to big air purifying plants— and to many more.


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