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Different Ways to Have Plants in Your Office

Different Ways to Have Plants in Your Office

What are the different ways to have plants in your office?

  1. Have them on your desk.
  2. Display them in the hallway.
  3. Place them by the window.
  4. Position them in the corners of rooms.
  5. Make sure they are in a place where there is good lighting and humidity.

Plants make offices better. They add aesthetic value and a touch of nature to the modernized interiors of most offices these days. Moreover, they can positively impact employees in many different ways.

In this article, we will discuss the best ways to have plants in the office. Keep reading to learn about the best spots to place your office plants.

Have Them on Your Desk

Plants are natural enhancers of human brain functions. When you work with a plant on your desk, you are allowing it to cast its benefits on you, making you become more focused and helping you concentrate more.

Plants also stimulate creativity and boost your innovative thoughts, as well as increase your overall productivity. Perhaps best of all, plants help you combat work stress and improve your mood.

Display Them in the Hallway

Display Them in the hallway.

Setting up plants in your hallways makes your office spaces and facilities more inviting and friendlier. It also freshens up the corridors of your building and gives natural decorations that also serve as air purifiers.

However, when you place them in the hallways, make sure that they are not blocking the main walkways. That way, you can ensure that they are not getting bumped into and reduce the possibility of them getting knocked on the floor.

Place Them by the Window

It is also a good practice to have your plants by the window so they can get the proper amount of sunlight that they need. Don’t do this to every plant, though, as some plants only require a low level of light.

When you decide to place your plants by the window, you can place them strategically by knowing which direction of the office receives the proper amount of natural light. For instance, windows facing south get high light, east and west get medium light, while north windows get low light. It is important to consider these aspects of your office to make sure your plants are where they should be.

Position Them in the Corners of Rooms

You can soften up your office corners and sharp spaces by putting plants there. Use office plants to add life to the plain and dull corners of your office and make them look more interesting.

When you place your plants on the corners, make sure that there are no surrounding barricades like bookshelves or drawers that are too close to them. Don’t squeeze them between cabinets that are positioned perpendicular to each other, so your plants can have enough space that is essential to their growth.

Make Sure They are in a Place where there is Good Lighting and Humidity

Make Sure They are in a Place where there is Good Lighting and Humidity

Aside from water and lighting, moisture and humidity also play a crucial role in keeping your plants alive. If you have plants in your office, it is important to remember that they don’t like dry places like offices that heavily rely on air-conditioners for an extended amount of time, which can make them too dry.

That said, make sure that they get enough of these elements so they don’t dry out and wilt. If your office is devoid of good levels of humidity, you can add a humidifier to lessen the dryness in your place.

Why is it Important to Have Plants in Your Office?

Indoor plants like the ones found in offices have many beneficial effects on their environment and the people around them. In fact, if you didn’t know, there are research studies proving that plants have the ability to reduce absenteeism and symptoms of “sick building syndrome” at work.

Sick building syndrome happens to employees who are always confined in office buildings with less natural air for prolonged hours. Symptoms include several health discomforts such as headaches, cough, fatigue, and irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat.

Additionally, with indoor plants in your office like the bromeliad, marble queen, silver satin, njoy pothos, neon pothos, golden pothos, and hanging golden pothos, you can get rid of the volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that come from wood products, adhesives, and other items commonly found in office buildings as these plants help remove them from the air. This essentially makes a healthier work environment.

Key Takeaway

Plants can be the most natural and healthiest way of achieving good health and well-being. They bring good air, a psychological boost, and even good luck to our homes and workspaces.

Now that we have discussed the different ways to have plants in your office, it may be the best time to take a look at and discover the best and the most refreshing indoor plants in the Philippines. If you’re interested in more and have inquiries, contact Unbeleafable today!

Different Ways to Have Plants in Your Office
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