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8 Trends in Indoor Plant Decor and Design

8 Trends in Indoor Plant Decor and Design

What are some indoor plant trends to look forward to in 2023?

  1. Indoor trees
  2. Living walls
  3. Big and bold foliage
  4. Variegations
  5. Low-light houseplants
  6. Air-purifying houseplants
  7. Golden foliage
  8. Sustainability

This January, we’re seeing new trends crop up all over the place as the year gets up and running. For indoor plants and decor, various interior design and plant experts have put together some of the trends they believe will be making a splash in the upcoming months. In this article, we’ve compiled those trends and will be making further suggestions for plants you can use to spruce up your home the 2023 way. Here’s our list of trends in indoor plant decor and design.

Indoor trees

Indoor trees

Housing plants have always been a great way to bring the outdoors in and infuse homes with a touch of nature. That’s why each year, indoor plants just keep getting bigger and better.

For those who want to create a veritable mini-forest in their homes, indoor trees are the way to go. You may want to put in a few Palm Trees indoors., This tall and slender plant can add a welcoming tropical beach vibe to any reception area.

Living walls

The vertical garden made guests of all ages ooh and aah in the previous years, and it’s one trend that isn’t stopping now. Delight your visitors with a wall of fresh greens. When installed in office spaces, these can increase the overall well-being of employees. Living walls can help improve the air quality and noise levels in a space, making your office a more productive one.

Big and bold foliage

Big and bold foliage

While smaller plants still hold some of their charms, it’s big and bold varieties that are impossible to miss—and they’re all set to make their statement this 2023. Rather than simply adding to a room’s decor, these plants have the kind of impact that can completely change a house’s aesthetic and give it an extra oomph.

Monsteras, which have been popular for years now, is still high on the list, but other eye-catching plants like Birds of Paradise are making their way up, too.


Variegation happens when plant leaves are marked with distinct and diverse colorations like white, silver, pink, or even golden colors. These look great whether on their own or mixed with other plants, making them great for interior design.

If you want the color to bring life (and luck) to your home this 2023, try our variegated money tree for a tropical yet sophisticated vibe. You can also play around with more color with the Philodendron Prince of Orange.

Low-light houseplants

Low-light houseplants

We’re calling it: 2023 is going to favor plants that can survive in all kinds of temperatures and light variations, including low light or dark spaces. This is especially the case for newer plant owners whose spaces may not be entirely conducive to all kinds of plants just yet.

Some of these plants for this trend include rubber plants or peperomias.

Air-purifying houseplants

Clean air is always a good idea. The COVID-19 pandemic taught everyone the importance of clean air. That’s why in 2023 the trend of using air-purifying fixtures in the home and office prevails.

At Unbeleafable, we carry a wide range of air-purifying plants that you can place in different rooms whether it be in an office or your own house.

Golden foliage

Golden foliage

Gold leaves are another variegation-related trend made even more popular for how they pop against traditionally green common houseplants. For a look that’s distinct yet still meshes well with other plants, check out Unbeleafable’s Golden Pothos, either in potted or hanging form.


Fortunately, with the rise of eco-friendly practices and environmentally-conscious movements, sustainability becomes more and more important year after year. That’s precisely why this 2023, it’s more important to plantitos and plantitas everywhere that they use sustainable means of growing their beloved plantlife.

From preferring coir- over peat-based mixes to being concerned about chemical usage, people nowadays care more about the overall impact of their plants on the world at large. And what could be better than making sure your plants don’t just benefit you, but the planet as well?

Key Takeaway

In this article, we’ve presented our list of trends in indoor plant decor and design that can be used in stores, homes, and even offices. We hope you can find some inspiration in this list, whether you’re a beginner to the houseplant scene or a long-time plant enthusiast.

If you’re looking for a wide range of choice of indoor plants in the Philippines, take a look at our shop here at Unbeleafable. We offer a wide range of services from bulk orders to the installation of a vertical wall garden, perfect for office spaces and establishments. Get in touch with us here today!

8 Trends in Indoor Plant Decor and Design
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