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7 Great Reasons To Buy Plants Online

7 Great Reasons To Buy Plants Online

7 Great Reasons To Buy Plants Online

What are the great reasons to buy plants online?

  1. Convenience
  2. Customer support and complete information
  3. Plenty of options to choose from
  4. Prevents false information
  5. Quality, growing plants
  6. Affordable price
  7. Safe delivery

Buying plants can be a very demanding part of the hobby. It requires you to have a keen eye for health and quality, as well as understanding the needs and requirements of each. 

On the other hand, some people may not have the time to visit nurseries in person, which can prevent them from collecting the perfect pots for their homes or businesses. 

Either way, buying plants online can be a great solution for many. If you’re not sure if you want to opt for this rather than buying in person, we’ve prepared seven reasons to buy plants online. Read on!


Nothing beats the convenience of using your mobile device and a stable internet connection to browse through an online catalog from your home, order the perfect indoor plants, and have them delivered right to your doorsteps. 

Unbeleafable offers a wide collection of plants on our website. Therefore, it’ll be easier for you to spend time browsing plants and placing an order — and all you have to do is wait until they arrive.

You can check out our online catalog here which features dozens of new varieties of indoor plants in Manila!

Customer Support And Complete Information

Contrary to what others believe, ordering plants online doesn’t prevent you from receiving help and tips from your plant supplier. In fact, you can still have pretty seamless communication with your supplier, allowing you to ask any question that comes to mind about the plants displayed on their website. In some cases, buying online can offer greater customer service and provide all the necessary, complete information there is to know.

At Unbeleafable, our digital consultant team is ready to answer any inquiries you might have. On our website is a chat option that you can use to reach them — and receive real-time responses and updates on our indoor plants! Use this to get the complete details of our plants’ color, size, water requirements, cost, and more. 

Also, we provide blog posts about plant tips, maintenance, services, and other care guides to help you choose and take care of your new pots of nature! 

Plenty Of Options To Choose From

Plenty Of Options To Choose From

The choice of plants available in the physical shops is often limited due to several factors. You don’t know if they’re out of stock unless you visit them to inquire. This is not so with online options. You will be informed right away if a specific plant is available or currently out of stock. 

So when buying your plants online, you can see all the options a store has available, and browse through them much quicker than you could in person. You could also easily stay up to date if there are any rare plants you’re keeping an eye out for! 

Prevents False Information

Prevents False Information

If you see a plant and like it, you can read about it on the internet to make sure that you’re choosing the best option. Plus, it helps you to stay away from false information that you might get from salesmen who are experts at talking yet offer frustrating products. 

At Unbeleafable, you can read our blog posts to have an idea of what plants suit your taste before you can make your online plant purchase. It helps you to decide based on authentic facts on minute research and not from what you’ve heard!

Quality, Growing Plants

Some first-time plantitos and plantitas may hesitate to purchase a plant, as they’re worried that the plant they’re buying may look totally different from the photos they saw online. 

But fret not! Here at Unbeleafable, all the photos we use on our online store and product pages are taken of our actual plants — what you see is what you’ll get! 

Affordable Price

Thanks to discounts, payday sales, and lower overhead costs because buying plants online can be less expensive than buying at physical stores. 

Here at Unbeleafable, we offer great weekly flash sales, holiday plant bundles, and more! To save even more, you can sign up for our newsletters to get the latest scoop and stay updated about our clearance items, promotions, and more. 

You may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our indoor plants and shipping can be here at Unbeleafable!

Safe Delivery

Safe Delivery

Buying plants can be a mesmerizing experience, but carrying them to your house can be a hassle, especially if you order tall ones. Online shopping gives you the advantage of having your plants delivered to your doorsteps. 

Moreover, it’s the best way to prevent damage to the plant and offers safe movement with real-time tracking of delivery.

Key Takeaway

In this blog, we’ve provided you with some of the reasons to buy plants online. Rather than buying plants in physical stores, buying online is the best alternative. This gives you more options to choose the freshest, and most beautiful indoor plants you may want to add to your collection. 

All this is possible when you reach out to the trusted and best plant supplier in the Philippines — Unbeleafable!
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Unbeleafable today and let us provide you with the right indoor plants you’re looking for, and we’ll assure you that we will deliver the plants with the extra care they need!

7 Great Reasons To Buy Plants Online
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