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Zebra Cactus

Zebra Cactus


Plant Height:

Small: 4 to 5 inches

Pot Diameter:

Small: 3 inches

Watering Schedule

Once a week

Sunlight Needed

Bright to Medium Indirect

Care Difficulty



The Haworthia fasciata, commonly known as Zebra Haworthia, is succulent with thick dark green leaves with white stripes on each leaf. It can grow up to 13 centimeters and 20 centimeters wide. This succulent houseplant is frequently mistaken and confused with Aloes. However, Zebra Cactus, unlike Aloes, are typically small and slow-growing plants.

  • Plant height: 4 to 5 inches
  • Pot diameter: 3 inches


The Haworthia Fasciata or Zebra Plant is native to South Africa (Eastern Cape). It was introduced to Europe by a group of collectors in 1600. It is now a renowned household beauty all over the world. Haworthia is a genus of cactus with over 700 species, the Zebra Cactus is just one of the many. Zebra Cactus plants are not poisonous to people, cats, or dogs.

Care guide

This Zebra Cactus for sale in Manila thrives best in bright indirect sunlight. So they should sit well in areas near a window or outdoors in a shaded area. They also like their soil well-draining and to be dried out in between waterings. Suggested watering schedule is every 7-10 days or when the soil is already dry. Make sure that the excess water drains at the bottom of the pot. Remember that succulents are accustomed to dry arid conditions so under-watering them is slightly better than overwatering.


Propagating a Zebra Cactus can be easily done through Plantlet removal as they produce offsets below them. Make sure to use gloves or thongs when propagating a cactus as they’re spiky. Gently remove the offset from its parent plant and let them dry. Pot them into a new pot and place them in a bright shaded area. Mist the soil every few days or when the soil is dry. The same procedure can be done through cuttings as well.

Zebra Cactus


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