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Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo



Plant Height:

Small: 5 inches
Medium: 8 inches

Pot Diameter:

Small: 3 to 5 inches
Medium: 3 to 5 inches

Watering Schedule

Once to twice a week

Sunlight Needed

Bright Indirect Light

Care Difficulty



The Dracaena Sanderiana, commonly known as a Lucky Bamboo, or Fortune Plant, is a typical houseplant as it can easily grow in any condition, even in water. It has long stems and leaves shoot upwards. In Feng Shui, it is considered as a symbol of luck and happiness that is why it is a popular gift in business and personal occasions. Another unique factor about the Lucky Bamboo is its ability to be shaped like a swirl, braid and many other designs.

  • Plant height: 4-13 inches
  • Pot diameter: 3-8 inches


Lucky Bamboo is actually not a bamboo but instead it is part of the Dracaena genus. This plant originated from Southeast Asia which is for over thousands of years, is well known for its meaning in Feng-Shui. Feng Shui has been adopted by the California New Age which became a way for the belief to spread. Also, Bamboo has been known for its strength and firmness while the color green represents as a lucky color. Hence, it attracts the positive chi.

Care guide

This Lucky Bamboo for sale in Manila can thrive in low to bright indirect sunlight. Make sure not to expose them in harsh direct sunlight to avoid scorching its leaves. Watering can be once to twice a week or when the top 2 to 3 inches has dried out. In addition, Lucky Bamboos tend to be drought tolerant as they mature.


Propagating this indoor plant in Manila is fairly easy. Make sure to get a clean pair of scissors or shears ready! From the mother plant, choose a healthy stem with a few leaves and joints then cut at least 6 inches. Next is choosing your medium – soil or water. Plant or submerge the bottom 3 inches of the cutting in moist soil or water. Furthermore, keep your plant in bright indirect sunlight and change the water when needed. New leaves are a good indication of a successful propagation!

Lucky Bamboo


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