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Green Fittonia

Green Fittonia


Plant Height:

Small: 3 to 4 inches

Pot Diameter:

Small: 3 to 4.5 inches

Watering Schedule


Sunlight Needed

Bright Indirect Light

Care Difficulty



Fittonia also known as the Nerve Plant has thin dark green leaves with white intricate vein details. When you notice that your Fittonia plant looks deflated or ‘dead’, don’t worry! Without water for a couple of days, it tends to “faint” which gives a dramatic effect but can be revived once given water. For a unique addition to your home, the Fittonia Nerve plant is a perfect choice.

  • Pot size: 3-4.5 inches
  • Plant height: 3-4 inches


Fittonia Originated in South America, specifically Peru. They belong to the Acanthaceae (Acanthus) family. It commonly grows in tropical rainforests under canopies of trees. In the wild, they can lay out as an appealing ground cover. Named after its discoverers, botanist Sarah and Elizabeth Fitton, the Fittonia Nerve Plant has a great number of benefits such as reducing carbon dioxide levels, keeping air temperatures down and many more.

Care Guide

This Fittonia for sale in Manila thrives best in bright indirect sunlight. Place them in low light conditions may allow its vibrant color to fade. It also likes its soil well-draining and consistently moist. They’re humid-loving plants as well so misting can be done once a day on the leaves (be careful not to overwater) Meanwhile, deep watering can be done when the top inch of the soil has dried out already. Make sure that excess water drains out of the pot to prevent root rot.


When propagating Fittonias, start by cutting off at least 2 inch stems and making sure that nodes are included in your cutting. Node is the point of attachment of the leaf to the stem. Without the node, roots cannot grow out from your cuttings (this applies to every plant). Remove the leaves on the bottom part of the stem. Afterwards, you can plant them in moist soil and place in a bright shaded area, with daily watering. They also like a humid environment as well. Rooting should take place in about a month.

Green Fittonia


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