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Plant Height:

Small: 4 to 6 inches

Pot Diameter:

Small: 3 to 5 inches

Watering Schedule


Sunlight Needed

Direct Light

Care Difficulty



This Dill is a feather-like herb that’s self-seeding. Also known as Dill weed herb, it’s closely related to the family of Celery and Parsley, and is used to season dishes such as salads, meat, sauces, etc. They also produce yellow-green flowers in flat clusters.

  • Plant height: 4 to 6 inches
  • Pot diameter: 3 to 5 inches

We also recommend putting herbs like Dill in our cocopots as they thrive well in them too.

History & Health Benefits

Dill is a native of the eastern Mediterranean and western Asia region. It’s early existence can be traced in ancient Egyptian medicinal texts dating back from 3000 BC. It was believed to ward off witches and act as an aphrodisiac. While in 1st century Rome, Dill weed symbolized good fortune. This herb for sale in Manila is also believed to have properties that can be appetite-suppressant and it can also help stimulate milk production for breastfeeding mothers.

This outdoor plant for sale in Manila also has many health benefits. They are proven to have anti-diabetic properties which can help reduce type 2 diabetes from further developing. Dill weed is also packed with flavonoids which helps reduce the risk of heart problems. Lastly, they’re a good source of Vitamin A and C, Calcium, and Iron.

Care guide

This outdoor plant in the Philippines thrives best under direct sunlight for atleast 6 to 8 hours a day. While it can also survive in partial shade, it’s best to let them be exposed in full sun where it can enjoy optimum growth and develop much sturdier stems. Watering is normally done once every day, however, it can be watered two times a day on a hot weather. Once established, Dill likes their soil nearly dry in between waterings. Make sure that the water drains at the bottom of the pot when watering as well.


This herb for sale in Manila can be propagated through cuttings. Cut a stem of Dill just below a node and get rid of any leaves on the bottom two-thirds of the stem, as well as flowers, and buds. Put the cutting in water and make sure that the bottom is submerged, while its upper part receive airflow. Make sure that they’re placed in a bright area, and that water is changed frequently. Once it has developed a root system, you can now transplant your cuttings into soil.



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