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Plant Height:

Small: 4 to 5 inches
Medium: 6 to 8 inches

Pot Diameter:

Small: 2 to 3 inches
Medium: 3 to 4 inches

Watering Schedule

Once a week

Sunlight Needed

Medium to Low Indirect

Care Difficulty



The Sansevieria Bacularis is the perfect tabletop plant for beginner plant parents. It is a stick-like plant with subtle dark green stripes. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing for their modern look, but easy to care for as well and are fast growers. No doubt, this low-maintenance plant will suit the spaces in your office or bedroom. 

  • Plant height:
    • Small – 4 to 5 inches
    • Medium – 6 to 8 inches
  • Pot diameter of 2 to 5 inches.

The Bacularis can fit in our Good Pots collection.


The name bacularis originates from the Latin word “baculum” meaning stick, pole, or staff. The Sansevieria is a genus of flowering plants. They are local to Africa, notably Nigeria, Congo, and Madagascar, and southern Asia. Currently, they’re mainly imported from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Thailand, and China.

Care guide

This Bacularis for sale in Manila is very easy to care for, and definitely difficult to kill. They thrive best in bright indirect sunlight but can tolerate low to medium light conditions as well. Avoid putting them in direct sunlight as this might scorch their leaves. The suggested watering schedule is once a week or when needed. Make sure that excess water drains out of their pot so as to avoid root rot. But it’s also good to know that the Sansevieria plants are drought-tolerant because of their huge water storage. So missing a watering schedule every now and then shouldn’t harm your plant too much.


When propagating this Bacularis for sale in Manila, you can choose your medium between soil or water. First off, you can cut a few sticks of Bacularis from your plant and cut them into smaller parts that are at least 3 inches long. Place your cuttings then into your desired medium or even dip them in rooting hormone if you’d like. Remember to take note of the bottom side of your cutting because this is the side you’re going to plant into your medium and it will be where roots will develop. Place your propagated plant in a bright shaded area, and if you chose water propagation, don’t forget to change the water every week or when needed. Rooting should take place in about 4 to 6 weeks.

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