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Arrowhead Syngonium

Arrowhead Syngonium



Plant Height:

Small: 5 to 7 inches min. of 4 leaves
Medium: 5 to 7 inches min. of 8 leaves
Large: 5 to 7 inches min. of 12 leaves
XLarge: 5 to 7 inches min. of 20 leaves

Pot Diameter:

Small: 3 to 4 inches
Medium: 3 to 4 inches
Large: 4 to 5 inches
XLarge: 5 to 6 inches

Watering Schedule

Once to twice a week

Sunlight Needed

Bright to Low Indirect

Care Difficulty



Arrowhead Syngonium is also known as Syngonium podophyllum. It’s a low-maintenance house plant with leaves shaped like an arrow, thus its name. Once matured, they surprisingly begin to vine. It’s bright green leaves remain vibrant in a bright spot at home. Truly a great addition to your indoor plants!

  • Plant height of 5 to 7 inches.
    • Small – minimum of 4 leaves
    • Medium -minimum of 8 leaves
    • Large – minimum 12 leaves
    • XLarge – minimum of 20 leaves
  • Pot diameter of 3 to 4 inches.

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The Arrowhead Syngonium is a native to Central and South America, and the Carribean. They can be usually found in forests, open woodlands, waterways and riparian areas, and abandoned gardens in tropical and sub-tropical regions. They’re also commonly seen climbing trees of 5 to 10 meters in height.

Care Guide

This Arrowhead Syngonium for sale in Manila thrives best in low to bright indirect sunlight. To keep its colors vivid and growth at an optimum level, placing them in a bright spot in your home would be best. Be careful not to put them in direct sunlight as this might scorch its leaves. This plant’s soil likes to dry out in between watering so suggested schedule for it is once to twice a week watering. An indication that the plant is thirsty is when its leaves start to droop!


An easy method to propagate this plant is through root division and cutting! With root division, this can be done when repotting as new stems are produced over time. All you have to do is split up these stems carefully by hand and plant them into separate pots. For cuttings, make sure to locate the node and include them in your cuttings. Syngoniums can be propagated through soil or water!

Arrowhead Syngonium


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