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Anthurium Laceleaf

Anthurium Laceleaf


Plant Height:

Small: 5 to 9 inches

Pot Diameter:

Small: 5 inches

Watering Schedule

Once a week

Sunlight Needed

Bright Indirect Light

Care Difficulty



The Anthurium plant has green glossy leaves with heart shaped waxy flowers when bloomed. With its open heart-shaped flower, the Anthurium symbolizes hospitality and inspires abundance and happiness. The flowers usually come in red or white. Very easy to care for, this is a popular choice for indoor plants.

  • Plant height: 5 to 9 inches
  • Pot diameter: 5 inches

History The name Anthurium is derived from two Greek words, ‘Oura’ and ‘Anthos’, which mean “tail herb.” Central America, northern South America, and the Caribbean are home to this species. Anthurium was first introduced to the people of Hawaii by a businessman named Samuel Samon. People learned to cultivate Anthurium through seeds in the late 1930s, which resulted in a huge shift in the production of different varieties of this plant with different shapes and colors through selective breeding. This Anthurium became an economically important plant and popular among tourist in Hawaii in the 1940s.

Care Guide

This indoor plant for sale in Manila thrives best in bright indirect sunlight. The more it is exposed to bright light, the more it encourages bloom and growth. But make sure not to place it in direct sunlight. Recommended watering schedule is once a week or when the top 2 to 3 inches of the soil has dried already. This allows them to dry a bit in between waterings. Anthuriums are also humid-loving plants so you can also mist them often.


The easiest way to propagate Anthurium can be done through root division, and water propagation or soil propagation. This should be possible while repotting as these indoor plants produce new stems over the long run. Once you’ve desoiled your matured plant, you will see new offshoots apart from the mother plant. You can simply separate these stems cautiously by hand and plant them into independent pots. or water vases Care for your cuttings as you would with an ordinary Anthurium, and roots should begin to show up following 3 weeks to about a month.

Anthurium Laceleaf


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