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Alocasia Cucullata

Alocasia Cucullata



Plant Height:

Small: 10 to 13 inches min. of 4 leaves
Medium: 10 to 13 inches min. of 8 leaves
Large: 10 to 13 inches min. of 12 leaves
XLarge: 10 to 13 inches min. of 16 leaves

Pot Diameter:

Small: 5 to 6 inches
Medium: 5 to 6 inches
Large: 7 to 8 inches
XLarge: 7 to 8 inches

Watering Schedule

Once a week

Sunlight Needed

Bright Indirect Light

Care Difficulty



The Alocasia Cucullata also known as ‘Buddhas Palm’ or Chinese Taro is ideal for first time plant parents. This flowering plant has large leaves that can grow up to 40 cm long. It has huge dark greean heart-shaped leaves that are attached to slender stems. It is a herbaceous plant which is grown as a food plant or as an ornamental . The Alcossia Cucullata plant is a popular indoor houseplant which is often found in hanging baskets.

  • Plant height:
    • Small – 10 to 13 inches, minimum of 4 leaves
    • Medium – 10 to 13 inches, minimum of leaves 8 leaves
    • Large – 10 to 13 inches, minimum of 12 leaves
  • Pot diameter: 7 to 8 inches for all sizes


The Alocasia Cucullata can be mostly found from countries in East Asia such as China, India, Thailand and many more. In India, the corms are often eaten after being well cooked in order to break up the calcium oxalate. While in Thailand, it is often brought to Buddhist temples because it is believes to bring good luck. At the same time, it is also used as traditional medicine in other countries. Its natural habitat is along watersides, fields or cultivated elevations.

Care Guide

This Alocasia Cuculla for sale in Manila thrives best in bright indirect sunlight. Avoid putting them in direct sunlight as this might scorch its leaves. Meanwhile, recommended watering schedule is once a week or when the top 2 to 3 inches of the soil has dried out already. This plant is fairly low maintenance and will do well in brightly lit areas in your home. Make sure that excess water also drains out of the pot’s drainage hole to avoid root rot.


Propagating this indoor plant in Manila can be propagated by splitting up its Rhizomes. Make sure you have a disinfected scissors or knife prepared. First off desoil your matured plant and you’ll see multiple offsets or tubers. Shake off any dirt from your plant. Divide and separate the offsets either by hand or with your knife and repot them into a new pot. Care for your cuttings as you would with the mother plant and wait for rooting to take place.


Alocasia Cucullata


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