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5 Ways To Use Potted Plants For Wedding Decoration

5 Ways To Use Potted Plants For Wedding Decoration

5 Ways To Use Potted Plants For Wedding Decoration

What are the ways to use potted plants for wedding favors?

  1. For the wedding backdrop
  2. For the aisle decor
  3. For wedding table plans and numbers
  4. For table centerpieces
  5. For wedding favors

Are you looking for trendy, gorgeous, and practical decor for your wedding? Then it’s time to go green with potted plants! They’re a refreshing and natural way to spruce up the event and can be used in a variety of ways. These potted plants can even be kept by your guests after the wedding!

There are many creative ways to insert these pots of nature into your wedding. This blog will show you five different ways you can use them on your special day. And here at Unbeleafable, we are always up for supplying potted plants in bulk for wedding favors, anytime! Read more below.

For The Wedding Backdrop

For The Wedding Backdrop

A wedding backdrop is important for your wedding day photos. It helps set the tone of your entire ceremony. It also helps to highlight the wedding attire of the bride and the groom during their photoshoots, and can even be used by your guests when they snap their group shots! 

These potted plants are a great way of sprucing up your wedding backdrop with a natural touch! 

Licuala Grandis

Price: P1,199

Seeing potted plants as your wedding decoration gives that nature-inspired and organic ambiance for your wedding ceremony. 

For an elegant and unique wedding backdrop, you can add our Licuala Grandis potted plant. It’s very easy to take care of and only needs to be watered twice a week. It’s a pretty and hassle-free wedding decoration that is ideal for an aesthetically pleasing backdrop.

For The Aisle Decor

One of the most important parts of your wedding ceremony is when the bride and groom walk down the aisle — so decorating it with the right elements is a must. And what’s more fitting for a garden wedding than pots of lush, green nature? Here is our recommendation for designing the most special and memorable walk of your life on your wedding day.

Rhapis Excelsa

Price: P699 – P1,599

Potted plants can also be used for aisle decoration at your wedding for a dramatic and romantic entry. We recommend placing smaller potted plants on the front side of the aisle while the larger ones are on either side of the aisle. 

Our Rhapis Excelsa is perfect for your garden wedding ceremonies. It’s a tropical palm plant that is versatile and attractive. It provides a lot of texture and modern elegance. With its multi-stemmed palm with large fan-shaped leaves, it also serves as a great backdrop for other design elements on your aisle. 

For Wedding Table Plans And Numbers

For Wedding Table Plans And Numbers

With the right tools, it can be as easy as 1-2-3 to direct your guests to their seats at the reception. When it comes to versatility and beauty, potted plants work wonderfully for your wedding table plans and numbers, which your guests will adore!

Zebra Cactus

Price: P299

These potted plants make adorable table decor! Instead of inquiring about plastic-made or soft table plan decor that can easily be torn, using potted plants create a natural and creative focal point for your reception seating.

Our Zebra Cactus has thick dark green leaves with white stripes on each leaf. These are small, visually-pleasing plants that are perfect place card holders for your seating plan and table numbers. Just dig your printed signs into their pot, and let your guests use them to proceed to their respective seats.

For Table Centerpieces

Make your wedding table centerpieces unique and extravagant with a combination of different potted plants.

Try mixing in varying sizes and styles of plants to create gorgeous and lovely table centerpieces! Your guests will surely appreciate the effort you did for the tables and it will also encourage them to do the same even for their special occasions. 

It’s even better if you try a nice arrangement of herbs, which will not only make your tables pretty — but also smell good! 

For Wedding Favors

Do your guests a favor by using potted plants for your wedding favors or souvenirs! They are a thoughtful, practical, and theme-appropriate way to express how happy and thankful you are to have them with you on your special day.

Small cactuses, succulents, and air purifying plants are good options for favors and souvenirs for your guests. These types of potted plants are very easy to take care of and compact, so your friends and family will have no trouble bringing them home and adding them to their plant collections! 

Other Ways Of Using Potted Plants For Your Wedding

  • It can be an alternative and budget-friendly decoration for a floral-theme wedding decoration.
  • You can do a DIY wedding decoration using potted plants based on your wedding theme and your personal tastes.
  • You have the option to offer the potted plants you used as table decor as a wedding favor to your guests afterward.

Key Takeaway

Purchasing potted plants in bulk for wedding favors is the best decision you could ever make. Not only does it make your wedding ceremony beautiful and unique with its natural beauty, but you can also let the guests pick their favorite potted plants when the ceremony ends!

If you ever need help with looking for potted plants in bulk, message Unbeleafable today! We can give you a variety of plant options for your wedding decoration and favors. Check out our shop today to find out more!

5 Ways To Use Potted Plants For Wedding Decoration
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