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10 Best Plant Housewarming Gifts to Give

10 Best Plant Housewarming Gifts to Give

10 Best Plant Housewarming Gifts to Give

What are the best plants to give as housewarming gifts?

  1. Peace Lily
  2. Rose Cabbage
  3. Fortune Plant
  4. Lucky Bamboo
  5. Money Tree
  6. Basil
  7. Jade Plant
  8. Aloe Vera
  9. Asparagus Fern
  10. Snake Plant

Nothing says “welcome to your new home” than a beautiful potted plant. It’s meaningful, decorative, and can last for years, given the right care. Our indoor plants make for great house gifts! Plus, you can easily tailor your gift to fit the recipient’s skill level — no need to give them a thoughtful yet difficult plant to care for when there are dozens of beginner-friendly options in our shop.

Whether the recipient is moving into their first apartment or just bought a new home, convey your congratulations and well-wishes with these ten plant housewarming gifts. We have a variety of options to help you pick the best gift!

Peace Lily

A peace lily plant lives up to its name — giving this plant means you’re wishing the recipient peace and harmony in their new home. Plus, they’re pretty to look at, thanks to their glossy foliage and white spherical-shaped flowers. This plant is easy to care for, though dramatic. If it is under watered or needs sunlight, it’s sure to let you know by getting all wilted and droopy until it gets what it needs!

Rose Cabbage

Rose Cabbage

Succulents are always a great choice for housewarming gifts, especially if the recipient has little experience with potted plants. They’re low-maintenance, sturdy, and can survive some neglect or mistakes with watering and sunlight here and there.

Of all the succulents you can pick, we recommend our Rose Cabbages. Their leaves are arranged in a pretty rosette — hence, the name — and are available in attractive shades of green.

Fortune Plant

The fortune plant has many superstitions anchored to it. The belief is that if this plant grows well under your care, then it’ll bring good fortune into your home. This is a nice thoughtful gift to give someone moving out from home for the first time! And, it’s an ideal plant to put in a new living room or office. Try our multi-stalk Fortune plant variety, as it has the characteristic attractiveness of dracaena plants. They’re also fairly easy to care for and maintain an acceptable tolerance of neglect.

Lucky Bamboo

ucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo plant is another favorite choice for a housewarming gift. They’re small and ornamental, so they fit in well on tabletops and shelves.

Like the fortune plant, they have symbolic importance — particularly under Feng Shui. They signify luck in wealth and happiness.

This housewarming gift is perfect for plant newbies, as all they need is some indirect light and consistently damp soil to grow well.

Money Tree

Another symbol of fortune you might want to consider for a housewarming gift is the money tree plant. This lush green plant is known to attract prosperity to the home — so your friend will appreciate this gift of good fortune! Plus, it’s a very cute plant that stays lush and compact, so it can easily fit in as decor in even the smallest room or apartment.



A functional gift, basil is an easy-to-grow herb to get your friend or loved one started with their at-home garden! These grow quickly and can produce many aromatic leaves for them to use in their cooking.

Furthermore, basils are somewhat auspicious — some cultures believe that growing basil within the home can bring the owners good luck! This plant will be doubly useful for anyone who receives this as a housewarming gift.

Jade Plant

Jade plants are a type of succulents also known as ​Crassula Ovata. Being an attractive ornamental plant virtually impossible to kill, they make excellent housewarming gifts for nearly everyone. They are some of the sturdiest tabletop plants you can find, and only need infrequent watering and the occasional dusting to maintain their glossy leaves. They are thought to bring prosperity into a home too!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

If the recipient of your housewarming gift loves functional stuff, then try gifting them an Aloe Vera plant! They’re popular for their cooling properties and fuss-free care requirements.

In no time, your friend should have enough leaf stalks to cut and use the gooey insides to moisturize their skin and use in their skincare regimen! All this plant needs is infrequent water and bright, indirect sunlight. Just take care to avoid overwatering and this plant will do just fine.

Asparagus Fern

Ferns come in many varieties, and most of them are great as housewarming gifts due to their lush growth style and easy indoor care. Plus, ferns symbolize new beginnings and new life — which is pretty apt for someone moving into a new home!

Try giving your friend or loved one an asparagus fern. These can be hung and mounted by their windows, where they can receive enough sunlight and happily trail downwards.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Give the gift of fresher, healthier air with a Snake plant! These are popular air purifying plants that can rid your indoor spaces of harmful pollutants. With their slender modern-looking variegated leaves, they’re an attractive indoor plant.

Snake plants are a lovely housewarming gift for anyone! These plants are also easy-going, and can be left to their own devices for weeks at a time — all they need is the occasional watering and ample sunlight to thrive.

Key Takeaway

Choosing any of these plants as your housewarming gift is a great choice — each one is full of auspicious meaning and the capability to create an aura of beauty and freshness within the home.

Buy these great plant gifts at Unbeleafable today! Or, take a look through our online store to find more options to gift to your loved ones. We carry a variety of plants from flowering to exotic and rare plants!

10 Best Plant Housewarming Gifts to Give
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