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5 Plant Gift Ideas for Beginner Gardeners

5 Plant Gift Ideas for Beginner Gardeners

5 Plant Gift Ideas for Beginner Gardeners

What are good plant gift ideas for Beginner Gardeners?

  1. Basil
  2. Ficus Nana
  3. Golden Pothos
  4. Philodendron Temptation
  5. Snake Plant Trifasciata

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you know what that means — it’s time to start planning your presents. If someone in your life has recently started gardening, you’re probably thinking of getting them something related to their new interest.

Well, what better way to develop their green thumb by adding to their growing collection? We’ve put together a shortlist of great plant gift ideas for beginner gardeners so you can encourage your loved one’s hobby.



Basil may be one of the perfect gifts for a beginner gardener. Versatile, easy to grow, fragrant — and incredibly usable, too! This herb can be added to just about any dish that you can think of. They can be grown in pots or transplanted into soil easily, even by beginners.

Basil also grows happily in warm soil with the occasional watering. The only thing your loved ones need to pay close attention to is the amount of sunlight their new basil plant is getting.

You can even give them more than one kind of basil — there are dozens of fun varieties with unique flavors and colors for them to experience. We highly recommend gifting your friend with some Thai Basil, which has an interesting purple hue and is just as easy to grow as your typical basil.

Ficus Nana

Ficus Nana

Ficus Nana is another great recommendation for beginners. They’re an attractive plant known for their smaller size, glossy leaves, and dense foliage. They are relatively easy to grow both in and out of the home, especially in warm climates like in the Philippines.

They have a ‘friendly’ root system, meaning it’s a prime candidate for those with smaller gardens. This ficus variety is a slow-growing, low-maintenance shrub. A ficus nana can be easily pruned and only needs frequent watering when young, and after maturity, they need watering about once every week or two — pretty simple!

Golden Pothos

For a tried-and-true plant gift that can weather any storm your loved one may put it through, try a pothos plant. We highly recommend giving Golden Pothos, which can tolerate just about any environment. It’s quick growing even in low light, infrequent watering, and nutrient-poor soil.

The Golden Pothos has lovely gold-hued variegations (hence the name) and when grown well, it can produce large leaves. Plus, pothos plants are quite good at showing signs that they need extra love and care, which is helpful for someone still honing their gardening skills.

Your friends and family can enjoy their Golden Pothos in a pot or growing out in their garden. If placed indoors, put on top of cabinets or shelves. If grown outdoors, place near a tree or a trellis. Both options will let their hanging trails grow and thrive in all their glory.

Philodendron Temptation

Philodendron Temptation

A small-to-medium plant with dark and shiny leaves, the Philodendron Temptation is another popular gift for beginner gardeners. They grow only up to 5 inches tall and have unique heart-shaped foliage. Their size makes them an ideal gift for those with limited garden space, making this a popular indoor houseplant fit for various surfaces.

These plants are surprisingly easy to grow and can make a good plant choice for the beginner with the variety of ways to propagate it. Keeping to the most basic of care instructions (i.e. indirect light, infrequent watering, moistened soil, and environment) is enough to help this plant grow well. The most important thing the recipient needs to keep in mind is to prevent overwatering and placing the plant in extreme conditions.

Snake Plant Trifasciata

If you’re looking for a gift that looks chic but is not delicate, then a sansevieria plant is a prime pick. The Snake Plant Trifasciata is practically bulletproof — it’s versatile enough to adapt to any living condition, plus it requires little water to grow. It’s also pretty great for indoor air quality, as it’s one of the few plants that can convert CO2 into oxygen at night.

If your loved one is still fairly new to plant ownership, or their care skills aren’t that refined, then this is a great easy-to-grow gift for them. They can be cultivated in pots or directly in the soil. All they need is warmth and bright, indirect light, which is abundant here in the Philippines.

Key Takeaway

These plant gift ideas for beginner gardeners are sure to delight this Christmas. Plus, they’re all capable of being grown either indoors or outdoors and are hardy enough to live well in most environments — meaning they’re perfect for new growers to hone their skills on.

This list is a great starting place for your gift brainstorming, but don’t stop here. Check out Unbeleafable’s catalog and check out our different categories to find the perfect gift for your friends and family. We have greenery for everyone — from experienced hobbyists to casual plant owners!

5 Plant Gift Ideas for Beginner Gardeners
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