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7 Lucky Plants for 2021

7 Lucky Plants for 2021

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Not many of us are superstitious people, but many of us do get into the whole theme of starting anew when it comes to welcoming the new year. And when it comes to something new, we tend to rely on fortune and good luck to welcome another blessed year!

This upcoming year, why not bring some good luck to your homes with Feng Shui-claimed lucky plants for the year 2021!

Lucky Indoor Plants for 2021:


1. Jade Plant
2. Lucky Bamboo
3. Basil
4. Peace Lily
5. ZZ Plant
6. Rubber Tree
7. Palm tree

Jade Plant

Jade Plant (c) Pinterest

According to Feng Shui, the Crassula Ovata brings in an element of prosperity and wealth. This is because the Jade plant is believed to bring such luck because of its coined shape leaf, therefore manifesting the idea of money because of its green coined shape leaf. 

The Jade Plant is not to be confused with the Portulacaria Afra. The Portulacaria Afra is most commonly known as the Elephant Bush succulent. The Elephant Bush has white leaves that stick to the pink-purple stem it grows in.

If you’re feeling like you need some prosperity this upcoming year, get this Jade Plant as the lucky plant for 2021!

Lucky Bamboo


Braided Bamboo (c) Pro Flowers

As the name has it, why not get fortune with the Lucky Bamboo?

While the Lucky Bamboo is thought to be a varity of the bamboo plant, it is interestingly not! This lucky plant, also known as the braided bamboo and fortune plant, is actually a relative of the dracaena family. Feng Shui says that this table top plant ought to bring luck, prosperity, and fortune. 

Although the Lucky Bamboo is a dracaena variety, it takes its name from its stems that look similar to an actual bamboo. It’s green and slim culm portrays an adequate similarity with the bamboo. 

We know that fortune is something we all want a little more, so why not welcome it with the Lucky Bamboo that is believed to be a lucky plant for 2021!




Basils are more than just prosperous ingredient that can be added to your dish. They add prosperity to your home as well! The reason why Basil is ought to bring luck is because it is told to be a spiritual herb. Basil is believed to bring financial success in your life, according to Feng Shui. 

While we do know that herbs are quite the drama queens, it’s no fret if a Basil does not thrive. You can still use Basil as a great ingredient that can be prospered to your dish!

Peace Lily


Peace Lily (c) Pinterest

As its name suggests, Feng Shui also says that the Peace Lily does bring a peaceful energy at home, as well as fortune and  luck. This is because of the white blossoms from the leaf. The white bloom symbolizes prosperity, peace, and purity— a unified theme to welcome for 2021!

Peace Lilies are a relative of the Sensation plant. While the Sensation plant is a low maintenance plant that can thrive in low-light settings, the Peace Lilies require a tad more attention and need a bright light setting to enable the blooming of the white flower. 

ZZ Plant


ZZ Plant (c) Pinterest

The welcome plant is a lucky plant for 2021 that will welcome good omen at your home!

The zamioculcas zamiifolia, popularly known as the ZZ Plant which is interestingly also known as the Welcome Plant that is widely the go to plant or gift to give for a house warming party! Its nickname suggests to welcome good luck and prosperity at home.

The Welcome Plant grows verticall with multiple stems shooting from its rhizomes. This type of plant can be one of the most simply beautiful plants one can have at home. While it prides itself in the simply beauty it has, its beauty is astonishing to the point that it looks like a fake plant because it brings out a thick glossy and shiny effect when leaves are cleaned!

Rubber Tree


Rubber Tree (c) Pinterest

If we haven’t been too obvious yet, if you want some good luck brought to your home, invite it with a strong ficus tree that can serve as the lucky plant for 2021!

While the Rubber Tree or the Ficus Elastica is most commonly known as a beautiful air purifying plant, this kind of ficus is also a fortune plant good for your home while giving an elegant accent. Feng Shui says that this kind of ficus plant is able to bring fortune, luck, and prosperity. 

Feng Shui does not specifically identify what kind of Rubber Tree there needs to be at home, but we’ll safely assume that any variety will do! Rubber Trees vary from Black Prince, Ficus Tineke, and even a variegated Ficus Elastica— they should be able to bring luck to your homes while also making them look elegant. 

Palm Tree


Palm Tree (c) Pinterest

We know that the year 2020 has had all of us wishing we were in the beach with some chilling good vibes, but while we wait ’til everything is okay— and hopefully this upcoming year will let us do so— we can call and manifest some positivity into our homes with the Palm Tree that serves as a lucky plant for 2021!

According to Feng Shui, palm trees are a good source of energy. They bring luck and fortune at home while balancing the other elements in your space. They do not clash with the energy present in your space. If you’re looking to attract some positive energy at home, Palm Trees would be the perfect plant.

Because they are plants of good energy, they bring a nature appeal with the tropical vibe it brings at home. Such tropical vibes at home can make you feel at harmony and serenity— just like being at the beach!

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7 Lucky Plants for 2021
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